What's Next!

What's Next!

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One of the most important questions each of us should always be asking ourselves is, “What’s next?” That’s why Growing Bolder is excited to launch a new show to help you move forward. The What’s Next! format combines fascinating stories with an award-winning panel of well-known Florida broadcasters and personalities commenting on the stories and answering questions from viewers. What’s Next! is a jolt of inspiration that helps audiences of all ages believe that it’s never too late to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities.

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What's Next!
  • Ep.1: Reinvent Yourself

    Episode 1

    It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. The “What’s Next!” team discovers an international oasis teaching people of all ages how to reshape their life in middlescence. Discover a new appreciation for all that life has to offer with the “slow movement” changing our fast-paced society.

  • Ep. 2: Playbook for Life

    Episode 2

    Legendary football coaches Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier and Jimmy Johnson reflect on what they’ve learned about success off the football field. They’ll help you create your own “Playbook for Life,” with tips on how to be bold, take risks and live a life with passion and purpose.

  • Ep. 3: Living More

    Episode 3

    Be inspired to live more in every moment. A cancer survivor uses her incredible artwork to continue overcoming obstacles in her 60s and 70s. Plus, a world-renowned musician shows how the power of positivity she discovered in her time with Alzheimer's can help us all change the way we live.

  • Ep. 4: Follow Your Passion

    Episode 4

    How do you find your “What’s Next!” in life? A legendary musician shares why he keeps on rocking, an artist relates how she returned to her creativity, and a Rock Star of Aging remains involved in her profession after more than eight decades.

  • Ep. 5: Go for Gold

    Episode 5

    Discover the world of Masters Sports and the National Senior Games. “What’s Next!” takes you inside the ropes to meet athletes who are smashing stereotypes in their 50s all the way up to their 100s! Be inspired to stay active and find your tribe across the sports world.

  • Ep. 6: Move Forward, Give Back

    Episode 6

    How do you give back? Restauranteur John Rivers’ “barbeque ministry” supports communities and aspiring chefs. Homeless for 14 years, David Williams gives a hand-up as a homeless ambassador for the City of Orlando. After over 30 years of leading Homeboy Industries, founder Father Greg Boyle shares...

  • Ep. 7: Reaching New Heights

    Episode 7

    There is no limit to the things we can achieve. Reach new heights by getting inside a plane with a true woman of adventure, Myrt Rose, who made a life jumping from aircrafts and even walking on their wings! Plus, meet iconic soccer coach John Ellis who is still showing us how to score goals on an...

  • Ep. 8: Let the Adventure Begin

    Episode 8

    The pandemic kept us all in place, and a bit stir crazy. As the world returns to travel, travel host and producer Samantha Brown shares her expertise from visiting over 60 countries around the world. Learn to fear less with underwater explorer and cave diver Jill Heinerth.