What's Next!

What's Next!

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One of the most important questions each of us should always be asking ourselves is, “What’s next?” That’s why Growing Bolder is excited to launch a new show to help you move forward. The What’s Next! format combines fascinating stories with an award-winning panel of well-known Florida broadcasters and personalities commenting on the stories and answering questions from viewers. What’s Next! is a jolt of inspiration that helps audiences of all ages believe that it’s never too late to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities.

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What's Next!
  • Ep. 1: The Power of Creative Engagement

    Episode 1

    Inspiring stories to help you find your “What’s Next!” It’s never too late to learn. Charmaine Gilbreath pursued her passion and found a second career in her 60s. Sam McDowell was kicked out of MLB and made a career of making sure others stay in the game. Bill Booth made skydiving accessible for...

  • Ep. 2: Find Your Tribe

    Episode 2

    Meet Colleen Gonzalez: a mom who saw a need and made exercise accessible for thousands of kids in Florida. Ready for a new hobby? Being in your 60, 70s or 80s doesn’t have to keep you grounded – “What’s Next!” takes you to the Senior Soaring Championships.

  • Ep. 3: Perspective

    Episode 3

    Tonja Anderson-Dell is ensuring the military live up to their ‘no soldier left behind policy. ‘ Sharon Strickland is an example of growing trend: grandparents raising, in her case, great grandchildren. Dr. James Smith joins the ‘What’s Next!’ panel and relates how he pivoted his business online ...

  • Ep. 4: How Relationships Define Us

    Episode 4

    Relationships! Whether it’s starting them, stopping them or staying in them, it’s challenging, even without a pandemic. The “What’s Next!” team discusses how to navigate the highs, lows and in-betweens of our many connections.

  • Ep. 5: Express Yourself

    Episode 5

    The importance of Artistic Expression. At 98, Harold Garde has been creating art for seven decades and he’s still at it! Suzy Toronto took a chance and found her “What’s Next,” turning her doodles into a world-wide business and 30 books.

  • Ep. 6: Game On

    Episode 6

    Explore the wide world of gaming with the “What’s Next!” team. We’re taking you behind the scenes for an inside look at Growing Bolder’s historic video game tournament that broke the global age barrier. Plus, the benefits that gaming has on mental health and how the streaming platform “Twitch” ca...