Surviving & Thriving

Surviving & Thriving

We will all face inevitable setbacks as we age. Get inspired from others who have not only survived but thrived in the aftermath of hardship.

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Surviving & Thriving
  • The Comeback Queen

    Jamieson Thomson Thomas is in the midst of two major comebacks in her late 50s. After a devastating car accident, she’s working to regain the rowing skills that helped her win a national championship. At the same time, she finally feels bold enough to pursue the passion of her youth and launch a ...

  • A Mom Who Walks on Water

    As a teen, Karen Putz lost her hearing while barefoot water skiing. More than 25 years passed, but her desire to get back on her feet kept burning within. So she decided to listen to her heart and pursue her passion.

  • Growing Life After Loss

    Like so many during this pandemic, Ericka Cotton is wrestling with loss. She lost the love of her life to cancer as well as her job. Coping with both losses has been a challenge—she’s had to learn how to be alone again and is wrestling with the duality of grief. But Ericka found comfort and peace...

  • Sliding the Slopes: All disABILITIES Welcome

    For 25 years, the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah, has shown people who either believe or have been told that they CAN’T do something that they CAN. The program helps people with disabilities and other challenges get back in the game through a variety of athletic endeavors.

  • Relentless Forward Progress

    Jeremy Jungling was a newlywed, running coach and in the best shape of his life. When he learned he had colon cancer, he was stunned. See how the experience has changed him and why he's no longer waiting until "I'm older" to chase his dreams.

  • Naome Bradshaw: Tracing Trauma

    Naome Bradshaw describes herself as a mom, wife, singer and friend. But mostly she’s a survivor. The trauma she survived in her past colors everything about her present.

  • Darryl Perry: "The Miracle Man"

    Learn how Darryl Perry recovered from a near death experience and set his attention on inspiring anyone facing a challenge.

  • A Centenarian Shares Her Secrets of Longevity

    As she celebrates her 100th birthday, Dorothy Johnson celebrates a lifetime of giving back and breaking racial and gender barriers. She shares her secrets of longevity and offers her advice for making your own mark on the world.

  • He Has No Legs But Still Stands Tall

    Just a few years ago, Roderick Sewell was a homeless teenager with no legs who was failing school.

    Today, he’s a world-class athlete, he's the first in his family to graduate college and he just made history, becoming the first above-the-knee double amputee to complete a Ironman, the 140-mile tr...

  • The Fighter: The Extraordinary Story of Elyse Mundelein

    October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the abilities of people with Down syndrome. And we can think of no better person to celebrate than Elyse Mundelein.
    She was born with Down syndrome but has never let that slow her down. She’s an advocate for Down syndrome a...