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Growing Bolder TV

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Growing Bolder TV provides the inspiration to live a healthier and more active life and delivers the tools, tips, resources and community support necessary to make it happen.

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Growing Bolder TV
  • Move Forward. Give Back.

    Many times, it's the hard turns we take in life that provide the greatest lessons and lead us to create projects of passion and purpose. At one point in her journey, Stephanie Bowman was homeless and had lost custody of her children. Once she was clean and sober, she founded “One Heart for Women ...

  • Playbook for Life

    Episode 2

    Legendary football coaches Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier and Jimmy Johnson reflect on what they’ve learned about success off the football field. They’ll help you create your own “Playbook for Life,” with tips on how to be bold, take risks and live a life with passion and purpose.

  • The Power of Creative Engagement

    As any creative person knows, it's not always the finished product that's what is most valuable -- many times, it's what you learn in the process. At 98, Harold Garde’s art is bolder than ever, and his perspective is provocative as well. As the lighting director for AC-DC, Aerosmith, Rolling Sto...

  • Masters Sports and the Fountain of Youth ®

    We dive deep into the world of masters sports to see how athletes of all ages continue to shatter expectations. Go inside the ropes at the National Senior Games with champion runner Alicia Antoinette, as she shows what happens when we push ourselves to be our very best. Plus, learn how physical a...

  • Honor the Past by Living Fully Today

    Life’s most heart-breaking moments are often the inspiration for new paths forward. Corey Kowall was the pride and joy of his mother, Kelly. Following his active-duty death, she alchemized her grief to create a respite for veterans and their families. Christie Coombs’ husband died in one of the ...

  • Bonds of All Ages

    Learn how the Orr family has created a father-son duo in graphic design, inspired by the hand lettering craftsmanship of the past and moving the art into the future. Plus, learn how the digital world of livestreaming is leading to new friendships across all age groups. Rather than divide us by ou...

  • Stay Engaged in Life

    Episode 7

    We’re not made to withdraw from life. We’re made to be bold, take risks and embrace what’s possible. Myrt Rose has done that all her life, and at 85 years old, this adventurer is still flying high. Rabbi Ed Rosenthal has expanded the Jewish tenet to “repair the world” to “repair the seas,” creati...

  • Achieve Your Creative Dreams

    Episode 8

    Go inside the art studio of best-selling author and painter Suzy Toronto and tour the Everglades through the lens of famed photographer Clyde Butcher. After years of helping other artists get recognition, Jamieson Thomas shows us how to take a chance on our own talents and achieve our dreams.

  • Surviving & Thriving

    Episode 9

    We can't control what life throws at us, but we can control how we handle it, and how we move forward. Lillian Iorio was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at 17, yet she’s found a way to lean on faith and create a life of love. Major League Baseball was Sam McDowell’s dream, and he realize...

  • Food as Medicine

    Episode 10

    We’ve got an appetite to survive and thrive with good food!Restauranteur John Rivers inspires us by giving back to the community, and we’ll learn how dietary choices can act as medicine for your body. Plus, a family-owned fruit stand shows us that it’s never too late, or too early, to find your c...