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Growing Bolder TV provides the inspiration to live a healthier and more active life and delivers the tools, tips, resources and community support necessary to make it happen.

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Growing Bolder TV
  • Curiosity & Creativity

    Episode 1

    Life is full of unseen challenges. It’s how we respond that makes all the difference. George Kamper is a Miami-based lifestyle photographer who worked all over the world. When the pandemic hit, his curiosity and creativity helped his brand become even more well-known. Plus, volunteer Diana DeLano...

  • Be Yourself

    Episode 2

    There is an emancipation that comes with growing older, and the opportunity to look at life through a new lens and let your true colors shine. Charles Dasher did just that, got back to his roots, and became one of the one million people who live in an RV full-time. Plus, Melinda Sparks found her ...

  • Stop Waiting and Start Doing

    Episode 3

    As we age, life becomes less about things and more about experiences. And sometimes the experience of a simple day spent fishing is a powerful lesson for us all. In this episode, you’ll meet a 95-year-old World War II veteran, a fishing fanatic with a passion for living and an amazing family that...

  • Pursue Your Passions

    Episode 4

    The opportunity to live an active life for decades beyond what's considered normal retirement age has never been greater. On this episode of Growing Bolder, we'll show you how a life driven by passion and purpose is one of the keys to making the rest of your life the best of your life. See how co...

  • The Path Forward

    Episode 5

    Do you ever feel like you’re paddling upstream? On the next Growing Bolder, meet men and women who have found solace, determination and healing on the water. Their examples will inspire you to keep moving forward through life’s toughest challenges. Plus, learn how pursuing his passion for the isl...

  • Just Keep Swimming

    Episode 6

    On this episode of Growing Bolder, we hit the pool with an active centenarian who is proving when it comes to aging, sometimes life's greatest joys are found in the smallest things. And, moving forward after the death of a loved one can be one of our greatest challenges. Get inspiration from some...

  • A Life of Purpose

    Episode 7

    We're getting Bolder Backstage with revered singer-songwriter Tom Rush. The man credited with discovering artists like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell could have had it all -- the big money, the fast life, the fame -- but he opted for a life of purpose. And, multiple studies reveal that adults now...

  • You Can Do It

    Episode 8

    Have a passion but don't think you're qualified? Don't let that stop you. On the next Growing Bolder we highlight a secretary turned CEO who has dedicated the past 25 years to helping individuals with disabilities succeed in life. Her lessons on making a difference. And, what’s your plan for your...

  • Surviving & Thriving

    Episode 9

    First, she lost her husband to cancer; then she lost her job to the pandemic. On this episode of Growing Bolder, one woman reveals how she's learning to heal and love life again. Plus, how does someone like famed fitness instructor Denise Austin handle being stuck at home? By moving, of course! S...

  • Move Forward. Give Back.

    Episode 10

    Age is just a number, and on the next Growing Bolder, you'll meet some bold women who are proud of their numbers. The Calendar Girls are all in their 50s to their 80s, and have fun and keep fit together, all while raising money to supply guide dogs for veterans.