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Growing Bolder TV provides the inspiration to live a healthier and more active life and delivers the tools, tips, resources and community support necessary to make it happen.

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Growing Bolder TV
  • The Time is Now

    Episode 1

    Mira Lehr is a pioneering environmental activist, now in her late 80s, who says it's not too late to save the planet. Plus, get Bolder Backstage with legendary rock guitarist Rick Derringer, who hit the big time with “Hang on Sloopy,” and never slowed down.

  • A Life En Fuego

    Episode 2

    He walked away from the biggest job in his industry at the peak of his career. Sportscasting legend Dan Patrick reveals the motivation behind his stunning move and shares the health struggle that nearly did him in.

  • Here Comes the Hurricane

    Episode 3

    Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins is a world record-setting centenarian who's on a mission to help you start Growing Bolder. We hit the track with America's sweetheart and get her tips for active longevity. Plus, Journey’s Jonathan Cain says all of his accomplishments, including writing “Don’t Stop Belie...

  • A Life Without Limits

    Episode 4

    What made her do it? Meet the 77-year-old British woman who became the oldest person to sail around the world alone, non-stop, and unassisted. Fresh off her world record, she's sharing her insights on a life without limits with us.

  • Ditch the Bucket List

    Episode 5

    A former principal dancer with the world’s greatest dance companies plans an unprecedented comeback in his 60s. He knows he no longer has the same athletic ability as he did decades ago but does he still have the ability to make an unprecedented artistic statement? Plus, performance coach Dr. Jim...

  • Give Your Life a Beatle Beat

    Episode 6

    Learn how Roger McGuinn put a Beatle Beat on a Bob Dylan song and launched not just a Hall of Fame career but a philosophy that he says can change your life as well. And Blue Zones founder Dan Buettner reveals simple ways you can live longer and better.

  • Soar to New Heights

    Episode 7

    See how a 75-year-old pole vaulter with a bum knee and a bad case of altitude sickness somehow manages to win the national championship. His story will inspire you to soar to new heights in your own life. Plus, if you found lots of money in your new home, would you give it back, even if you reall...

  • Life After Death

    Episode 8

    Can facing death lead to a greater appreciation of life? Iconic singer Jon Anderson formerly of Yes says, YES! Plus, America's favorite storyteller Mike Leonard shares our common desire to keep on pedaling.

  • The Three Secrets of Successful Aging

    Episode 9

    The Queen of the American running revolution sits down for a rare interview. How Joan Benoit Samuelson inspired millions of women to lace ‘em up and hit the streets. Plus, do you wonder why some people seem to age better than others? Is it genetics? Personality? Wealth? Daniel Levitin is a neuros...

  • The Unbreakable Bonds of Friendship

    Episode 10

    It's been said that the most valuable antiques are old friends. Mike Leonard shares a personal story on the bonds of friendship that we can all relate to. Plus, fun, fitness and more friends at the National Senior Games.