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Growing Bolder TV

4 Seasons

Growing Bolder TV provides the inspiration to live a healthier and more active life and delivers the tools, tips, resources and community support necessary to make it happen.

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Growing Bolder TV
  • The Power of Movement

    Episode 1

    Meet a grandmother whose business is built on peace, acceptance and compassion. And how MOVEMENT strengthens more than just your body.

  • Answers in Your Ancestry

    Episode 2

    Preserving the thoughts, words and stories of loved ones for generations to come. And, a rare, extended conversation with the always outspoken Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

  • The Keys to Active Longevity

    Episode 3

    The man who says he’s more comfortable in the water than on land sits down for an exclusive interview with Growing Bolder — what Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines says he wants people to know about trying and FAILING on the path to happiness. And, the keys to active longevity!

  • Stop Wondering What's Next

    Episode 4

    A journey through tragedy and triumph leads an ordinary man to extraordinary heights. His story, plus: what Toni Tennille tells us about a lifetime spent with Daryl Dragon…and why she wanted to be with him in his final moments.

  • Take a Victory Lap

    Episode 5

    Saving the stories and memories from some of America’s bravest veterans…the men who fought enemies and overseas. And, it’s a victory lap for dreamers everywhere — how our very own medical director is Rebranding Aging.

  • Never Too Late to Dream

    Episode 6

    America’s past-time rights a historical wrong, and proves that it’s never too late to dream. Plus, meet an inspiring doctor who says if you’re going to stand out, you might as well stand tall!

  • Unsealing the Story of a Business Icon

    Episode 7

    Unsealing the story of a woman who broke business ground, but whose journey has been forgotten by many. Plus, meet the woman who started dancing at 60 and twirled her way into America’s hearts.

  • High Risk, High Reward

    Episode 8

    Meet the man behind the music at some of America’s most elaborate and stunning stage shows. Plus, words of wisdom from a woman on the journey to becoming a centenarian.

  • The True Definition of Success

    Episode 9

    His path has been filled racial prejudice, runaway egos and the trappings of excess. But through it all, Thomas McClary of The Commodores has discovered the true definition of success.

  • Uniquely Bolder

    Episode 10

    Meet an inventor, entrepreneur and adventurer who has built an amazing life around doing what he loves. Plus, the intergenerational power of yoga.