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Growing Bolder NOW

Growing Bolder NOW is our weekly live show, streaming live each Friday on Growing Bolder’s Facebook, Twitch and YouTube channels. Hosted by award-winning broadcasters Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer GB NOW is inspirational and aspirational. Each week, we gather the best of what’s online, plus dip into the Growing Bolder library for stories to entertain, inspire and motivate you to chase your own passions. We also call on some of our friends around the world to pop in and pump you up.

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Growing Bolder NOW
  • Les Stroud

    Known as the creator of the survivor TV genre, Les Stroud has faced the elements in Antarctica, the wilds of the rainforests, and more to teach us not just how to survive, but how to connect with the earth, ourselves and each other.

    On the next episode, the 59-year-old outdoorsman and survival e...

  • Stephanie Mcmahon

    There’s a lot of excitement, confusion and concern over the exploding multi-billion dollar hemp extract health and wellness industry. On this week's What's Next, Growing Bolder's Marc Middleton talks to Stephanie McMahon, an industry expert, to help understand what it is, what it isn’t, what it d...

  • Arlinda McIntosh

    In this episode of What's Next, we’re changing the way you think about influencers. Did you know there is a growing field of powerful voices over the age of 50 taking over the social media world? Designer and stylist Arlinda McIntosh is one of those embracing the power of social media to celebr...

  • Diana Nyad

    On this episode: An inspirational pep talk from Famed Adventurer Diana Nyad, a behind-the-scenes view of GB Magazine and TV Show and Laura Savini’s Lockdown Outlook.