GB Classics

GB Classics

From the archives! Meet some of the first people that inspired us all to keep Growing Bolder.

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GB Classics
  • GB Daily: Stretch Yourself

    A real-life Rosie the Riveter shares the secrets behind a gender revolution. Plus, get bent! The world's oldest yoga instructor proves that it's never too late, on this episode of Growing Bolder.

  • GB Daily: Pursue Your Childhood Passions

    Don't ever give up on the dreams from your childhood -- meet a woman who is pursuing her passions now. Plus, Peter Buffet on how his famous family is moving forward and giving back.

  • GB Daily: The Fountain of Youth

    Olympic swimming star Rowdy Gaines joins us as guest host and says there IS a fountain of youth - in masters sports.

  • GB Daily: Viral Video Star's Big Surprise

    An exclusive look inside the studio where Rock and Roll star Roger McGuinn cranks out hit after hit. Plus, a 90-year-old viral video star gets the surprise of her life.

  • GB Daily: Miss Matchmaker

    How the power of a positive attitude is helping one woman start surviving and thriving. Then, could where you live actually help you make it to 100 and beyond?

  • GB Daily: Love and Lemonade

    Move forward and give back -- it could start with a single cup of lemonade. Plus, going gray! The fastest-growing group of extreme bikers.

  • GB Daily: Nearly Nicks

    A big business brain with a prescription to keep employees at all companies healthy. Plus, you'll do a double take when you meet nearly Stevie Nicks.