Arts & Creativity

  • The Art of Rebellion

    Harold Garde is a great-great-grandfather, and, by most accounts, a great, great artist. Now in his mid-90s, the renowned artist is not only still painting daily in his home studio, he sees his work as the ultimate act of artistic rebellion.

  • Dan Patrick: A Life En Fuego

    Sportscaster Dan Patrick reached the very pinnacle of his career, making a star of himself and the fledgling network ESPN with his and co-anchor Keith Olbermann’s irreverent and witty take on the day’s top sports highlights. With catchphrases like, “en fuego,” “you can’t stop him, you can only ho...

  • Honor Your Creative Voice

    Each one of artist Carole Lyles Shaw’s quilts tells a story. The quilts also pay tribute to the quiet heroism and patriotism of African-Americans, including nurses who bravely served in the field to care for wounded soldiers.

    At a recent exhibition of her work and that of dozens of other quilter...

  • Out of Retirement, Back In the Spotlight

    When you combine an athlete with an artist you get a dancer. Robert Hill was one of the world's best before retiring at the age of 41. That was nearly 20 years ago. As he nears 60, Hill is not quite the athlete he was, but he’s every bit the artist and his example is about to inspire dancers worl...

  • Life is Art

    Zora Neale Hurston's legacy of breaking barriers and Growing Bolder lives on. Plus, a one-wheel wonder whose unicycle skills will inspire you to get moving!

  • 'The Time is Now to Stop Climate Armageddon'

    Mira Lehr is one of the art world's pioneering environmental activists. Now 85, she says she hears the clock ticking, not just for herself, but for all of mankind.

    She shares her provocative and nature-inspired art with Growing Bolder and reveals how she uses her work to help others appreciate ...

  • The Making of Awe

    If we allow it, our lives can be filled with moments of awe. They're everywhere. We only have to pay attention. Growing Bolder contributor Mike Leonard and his crew set out on a journey to experience a moment of awe and received far more than hoped for.

  • Hitch a Ride Back in Time

    For 40 years, Gary Stratton specialized in restoring Porsches until his son recognized a growing trend and started restoring the iconic VW microbus.

    Now, the buses are filling up the garage while the Porsches wait their turn.

  • The Art of Happiness

  • The Faces that Norman Rockwell Made Famous

    Norman Rockwell was our nation’s most beloved artist. He had always used professional models until he moved next door to the Edgerton family. Their faces are immortalized in some of the artist’s most beloved works.

  • Finding His Purpose Late in Life: Robert Sutz

    Artist Robert Sutz is a messenger for beautiful people filled with horrific memories. Sutz, 82, is creating what he calls irrefutable evidence of one of the darkest chapters in human history -- the Holocaust. He calls it proof for those who don't believe and a painful reminder to those who might ...

  • Discovery of a Lifetime

    It’s not the “retirement” Joanie Schirm imagined. A family mystery turned into a global quest, a journey of discovery and a personal transformation. Suddenly, Schirm was an internationally respected scholar, teacher and author. Her new book is a great read and a powerful reminder of the dangers o...

  • The Granny P.A.C.: A Legacy of Love

    Kay Castle-Brinker believes that grandmothers have the power and the obligation to help leave a legacy of peace, acceptance and compassion. That led her to creating The Granny P.A.C.™, a Granny-selected combination of children’s books with positive messages of kindness and acceptance, wrapped in ...

  • Inside Harriett's Closet

    Philanthropist, Harriett Lake would have recently celebrated her 98th birthday. Before she passed away in 2018, she invited Growing Bolder inside her home for a rare and exclusive look inside one of the most incredible closets in the world.