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Patricia Charpentier

In previous generations, it wasn’t that unusual for families to keep a written record of almost everything, including special dates and events. Writer Patricia Charpentier says it’s time for all of us to start doing that again.

Patricia, the author “Eating an Elephant: Eat Your Life One Bite at a Time,” offers tips for what seems like a lot of work and an overwhelming task — writing down your life story.

Even if you don’t think you’re a writer, Patricia says this is something we all can and SHOULD do. She explains how it not only leaves a legacy for future generations but it’s also an exercise in healing.

Find out how to get started and why there’s only one way to do this wrong — to not do it at all.

Patricia wrote more about this topic in a special column for Growing Bolder Magazine. Click here to read her article. For more tips, click here to visit Patricia’s website writingyourlife.org.