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We have opportunities to work with GROWING BOLDER on public and commercial television. For commercial openings, product integration and more, send an email to sales@boldermediagroup.com.


What is Growing Bolder? It’s the show that proves it’s not about age; it’s about attitude! Growing Bolder is a weekly 30-minute TV show that is growing fast! It has expanded from 2 stations to more than 500 and is now seen in 94% of the country, including 100% of the Top 25 markets. Since June of 2011, Growing Bolder has also aired on Create┬« TV, a national network featuring the best lifestyle programs from public television. Produced by an Emmy Award-winning team, Growing Bolder is distributed by American Public Television to all PBS and public television affiliates nationwide. Built upon uplifting storytelling of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Growing Bolder has quickly built a large and loyal fan base of viewers.

  • “One of the best shows on PBS I have ever viewed.”
  • “There is no way to measure the spark you ignite inside us.”
  • “Growing Bolder is a game-changer. There is nothing else like it.”

What is everyone talking about? Watch our sizzle reel and find out!

Growing Bolder is seeking a few corporate sponsors to underwrite a portion of our production costs. In return, underwriters will receive a completely unique branding opportunity on one of the hottest new shows on PBS affiliates. Association with Growing Bolder, PBS, and American Public Television builds brand identification, connects with the huge and desirable active lifestyle segment of the baby boomer generation and strengthens the image of our corporate partners.

Take a look at the statistics:

  • 50+ have $3.7 trillion in spending power
  • 50+ control 77% of the net worth in the U.S.
  • 50+ is growing six times faster than the rest of the population

Growing Bolder on PBS is the perfect place to reach the upscale, active lifestyle segment of the boomer market.

  • 3 out of 5 people 50+ watch public television
  • In 2010, PBS ranked #1 in public trust among all media outlets
  • PBS strengthens corporate image and improves perceptions of credibility and quality
  • Viewers are more likely to use products and services associated with PBS affiliate

Growing Bolder’s audience consists of the customers you want (source: TRAC Media):

  • The average age of a Growing Bolder viewer is 56
  • Growing Bolder’s audience is 53% women and 47% men
  • Growing Bolder’s potential audience is 173 million viewers with 57 million 50+

And because Growing Bolder airs on more than 500 PBS and public TV affiliates, your brand will be associated with the media outlet that is ranked #1 for public trust.

Ready to learn more?

Email GB Sales: sales@boldermediagroup.com or call 407-406-5910.

Sizzle Reel with Underwriting Examples

These sample underwriting sports are for demonstration purposes only. We offer several underwriting opportunities including Exclusive National Title Sponsor, Primary Sponsor, Supporting Sponsor and In-Kind Sponsors. All underwriting messages appear inside each program and remain attached to that program for 2-3 years, appearing every time the program airs.

:15 Underwriting Example (Demonstration Only)

:10 Underwriting Example (Demonstration Only)