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How Are You Growing Bolder?

We love to feature men and women from all over the world who are documenting their own Growing Bolder journeys in a segment we call “How Are You Growing Bolder?”

If you have a story you think we should know about, let us know by leaving a comment or emailing news@boldermediagroup.com. You can also share pictures and more on our Facebook wall!

Shake it, funny funky girl! For Diane in Washington, D.C., Growing Bolder means getting down! She recently sent us a video called Funny Funky White Girl with a note that said, “I love Growing Bolder and watch every Sunday morning. My dancing video will show (your) viewers you can still be a kid and have fun at 65.” Amen, Diane!

We can’t wait for you to meet Kay Castle-Brinker of Cincinnati, Ohio. But first, some disclosure. Kay is actually a high school classmate of GB Founder and CEO Marc Middleton. Want to know what Marc was like in high school? Kay reveals all (well, maybe not all!).

When Kay learned we had a Facebook fan page that urges our fans to tell and SHOW us how they’re Growing Bolder, she knew she had to submit this video.

Ladies and gentlemen, sit back, relax and watch Kay drop a funky beat in her Growing Bolder rap!

To watch the inspirational stories Kay describes in her video, check out:

– Banana George Battles Back

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– Katy Widrick’s Tech Minutes

Meg Mosley may not be your first idea of Growing Bolder — this young English blogger works as a professional artist. But her true passion is celebrating intergenerational relationships, and she doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. Meg’s muse is her grandmother, and the two take part in elaborate photo shoots, create art and do their best to prove that it’s not about age; it’s about attitude.
– Meg Mosley’s website

For Jay Freeman — Growing Bolder is about keeping his body and his mind in shape. He returns to Battersea Park in London once a year to see how many chin-ups he can do …

After starting his business from scratch, Jay built his way to more than 50-million dollars in sales — and retired! Why leave the company? He wanted to pursue his passions of long-distance walking and adventure travel…which took him and his wife to more than 100 countries on all seven continents. Jay says that staying fit seems to inspire people decades younger than him to reach out to him and ask for help getting started themselves!

Don Trahan is a PGA Master Professional and is recognized by many in the golf industry as one of the best instructors in the world, but what really sets him apart is his decision to give video tips — for free! — to the hundreds of thousands of people who follow him online:

Don is better known as the “Swing Surgeon” because, as one of his students once remarked, he can take apart your swing and fix it without leaving any scars. He asks people to post questions and comments to his website and video channel, and then he uses video and social media to connect with his fans from all over the world.

Don also happens to be the father of a PGA tour player, DJ Trahan, and the two work together to help golfers of all ages get more involved in the game they love.

–Visit the Swing Surgeon website where you can find more videos!

Victor Earhart is 65 years old and has been skateboarding for 58 of them. And he’s found fans all over the world who love watching him tear it up in videos he posts online! Victor’s job is also his passion…he works for the Sector 9 Skateboards company in California, where he’s been for more than 14 years. He hangs out in the woodshop every day, both designing and making the same boards that he spends so much time on.

He’s a bit of a local legend, because he takes on all of the toughest trails in the San Diego area — showing up skaters of ALL ages — and he’s also known as an encyclopedia of skating…he can answer any question about skateboarding you might have.

Eric Gelber is a man on a mission…and it’s a cause that we here at GB can get behind. Eric is running — a LOT — all to raise money and awareness for a cancer called multiple myeloma.

He’s what is known as an “ultra” marathon runner, which means that he runs distances longer than 26.2 miles. He says his sport has changed his life — that it pushes him beyond any perceived limits. And it pushed him past the finish line in an emotional event recently…the Catskill 155, in which he ran 155 miles — nonstop — in under two days. Family waited for him, with video cameras rolling, as he hugged his way to the end, raising thousands of dollars for treatment of this rare cancer.

Listen– to Eric Gelber on the Growing Bolder Radio Show

It’s truly never too late to pursue your passion — and you don’t have to do it for fame or fortune, just to find your happiness.

But it’s funny how fame and fortune can find you when you ARE Growing Bolder… That’s what a man named Bill found out when he started uploading home videos of his 91-year-old Aunt Doris playing the piano… and sharing them with friends and family. Tens of thousands of views and comments later, Doris was a viral video sensation! She even posted special videos for her fans, explaining why she loves to play. Aunt Doris passed away recently, at the age of 92, but the views on her videos continue to climb…Bill tells Growing Bolder that he’s thrilled to see that her legacy, and her amazing spirit, live on.

KK and Sal Gal — the duo that make up the Midlife Gals — have a few things to say about getting older…and bolder…and lots of other stuff, too.  These ladies will take on ANYTHING — from fitness to dating after 50, and they do it all with quick wit and smiles. They aren’t afraid to be provocative, and between their video blogs, their comedy tour and even a recent foray into films, The Midlife Gals are determined to smash the stereotypes of what Growing Bolder is all about.

Watch more of The Midlife Gals’ videos on GrowingBolder.com!

“A young Mozart of the Mouth Harp…” that’s how one journalist describes the performance of Joshua King — actor, singer and harmonica star. Josh is not yet a teenager — he was born in 2000 — but we think he’s proof that Growing Bolder can never start too late, or too early.

Josh plays around North America at blues festivals and special concerts…taking the stage with legends like James Cotton and Michael Galloway. He’s appeared on national TV shows and also uses his talent for good. This incredible kid performs with organizations that support music therapy for children in need all over the world.

It’s one of the most unusual and powerful collaborations of all-time. A 91-year-old drummer on an oxygen tank and a 62-year-old eccentric songwriter/filmmaker. Both are females and both are far from ordinary artists.

The songwriter/filmmaker is Allee Willis who despite the fact she can’t read music or play a single note wrote Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” and “Boogie Wonderland,” the Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance” and much more. Her songs have sold more than 50 million records. The drummer is Jerrie Thill, who began playing professionally at 18. Once the in-house drummer at Hollywood’s Flamingo night club, over the years she’s performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and made guest appearances on shows like “The Golden Girls,” and “Married With Children.”

Willis wrote the music for and directed the “Hey Jerrie” Video and Jerrie is the star. And they’re HUGE hits with their online videos — not bad for just pursuing their passions and hoping for the best.

Legend. Pioneer. One tough dude. All phrases used to describe the “old man” of BMX racing Dennis McCoy. Dennis has been competing for two decades and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down — performing some of the most difficult moves you can make on a bike. He certainly has a vested interest — Dennis’ roots in BMX go back to the mid 1990s, when he turned professional, and was one of the first to stat competing in freestyle events. His friends and fans know him best as “DMC” and still come out en masse to see him tear it up.

Dennis is also an ambassador for his sport, helping to train kids half his age, and promote competition as a way to stay healthy and love life for the long run.

What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Throw a party, maybe have some cake? How tame. Meet the woman who is turning heads and finding fans of all ages thanks to this online video. Bungy Jill, as she’s known, decided to take a real leap to mark her 80th birthday…a bungee jump, with her son shooting video of the entire thing. Smiling the whole time, Jill took a big jump — then a big bounce! — and smashed all stereotypes of what extreme really means. And you know the phrase go big or go home?

Jill took her bungee jump from what was the largest tower in America at the time — 17 stories high. Living every day to the extreme is a passion of Jill’s…she survived pancreatic cancer at the age of 76, and this jump helped celebrate the life she had still ahead of her. Today, she’s nearly 90 years old and tells Growing Bolder she’s thrilled to have so many people inspired by her video.