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Growing Bolder With…

Growing Bolder With… segments feature insight, advice and tips from gurus of all different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Contributors include Rowdy Gaines, Pat Williams, Dr. Dot Richardson, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Gary McKechnie and Roger McGuinn, who give us behind-the-scenes access to their journeys and unveil the secrets they’ve learned about Growing Bolder.

Videos are embedded below:

When things go well, it’s easy to take credit. But what about when things go poorly? Are you just as quick to assume responsibility? Pat Williams says the bad times are just as important as the good for learning and growing.

In this Growing Bolder With … segment, NBA executive and author Pat Williams unlocks the key of basketball megastar Michael Jordan’s success — focus. Learn how to focus on this moment right now and start soaring to new heights in your life.

He’s studied people for years, and now, NBA Executive Pat Williams says he knows the one thing that all successful men and women do — set goals. Not just any goals, though. See what he says about writing your own future.

You don’t need a flashing billboard sign to point you in the right direction — NBA Executive Pat Williams has a list of things you can do right now to become a good leader and make a difference.

People ask Pat Williams all the time — what does it take to be successful and happy? He shares his advice for finding what you love to do, getting paid to do it and figuring out when it’s time to reinvent yourself and find new goals.

What drives you? What do you wake up and think about? Find your passion and pursue it at all costs — that’s the advice of Dr. Dot Richardson, who shares how her journey led to health and happiness.

Do you find yourself paralyzed with fear, thinking about all the the bad things that might result from taking a risk? Olympic champion Dr. Dot Richardson has advice for what you can say to yourself to overcome the negative thoughts.

Ever feel like life is a series of waves — some taking you high, some knocking you down? Olympic champion Dr. Dot Richardson says there’s a trick to facing obstacles head on, and it’s all about riding the current.

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what your priorities are? Not those of your kids, your parents or co-workers. Dr. Dot Richardson has a few easy to follow tips for changing your life and finding believers.

Are you waiting for your life’s purpose to find you? Why not go find it? Dr. Dot Richardson says the key is to believe in yourself and to chase what you life. If you’re not good at it or you don’t have experience, don’t let the doubts scare you away.

So you reached your goal — great! What next? Rowdy Gaines says it’s crucial to set the next goal, and the next and so on. The minute you get complacent, you lose your momentum. Here’s Rowdy’s advice.

You know him as a huge swimming success — but did you know that Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines failed over and over and over again? He has advice for learning from the defeats and taking chances until you succeed.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by reaching your goal destination, and forget to enjoy the ride? Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines has traveled the world but says the one thing that helped him was pausing to look around.

Have you pictured what winning looks like to you? Olympian Rowdy Gaines says he has his mind to thank as much as his body for all his swimming success, and he shares his tips for picturing the future and making it come true.

Did you know that Olympian Rowdy Gaines suffered a rare disease that left him nearly totally paralyzed? He had to re-learn how to do everything from eat to walk, but he made it back in the pool. And his journey will inspire you.

Instead of the Olympics, Rowdy Gaines now trains and competes at Masters Swimming events all over the country. And he says you can follow in his wake, just by asking yourself one simple question.

If you could live forever — would you want to? What if there were drugs to make it possible…who would get them first? Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman tackles this tough topic.

Advertisers want the baby boomer dollars — so why don’t they feature real boomers in their campaigns? Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman shares her thoughts about changing how we look at aging in America.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn shares a story of how he created one of the Byrds’ biggest hits, and why it’s a good lesson for changing the way we look at things and leading happier lives.

Did you know that Roger McGuinn, music superstar, is committed to protecting the environment? Reuse and recycle are big words in the house he shares with wife and road manager Camilla, but they go even further when it comes to saving energy and saving money.

Years ago, if you wanted to make it in the music business, you had to find a record company, a major studio, a band and more. But times have changed, and Roger McGuinn says that now anyone can pursue their passions with easy, inexpensive equipment and technology.

Even this expert needs reminders to take a breath and enjoy some of the unexpected journeys that can pop up when traveling. Gary McKechnie shares his story of the road less traveled, and why his mantra is, “let it be.”

Gary McKechnie shares a story of riding a small motorcycle through Kansas as his wife followed behind with his car full of gear. They stopped often to take pictures for a book they were working on, and do you know what happened? Every time they stopped, in every state along the way, people smiled, greeted the couple and shared some stories. See what his takeaway is for you when it comes to traveling, and why he thinks you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the news!