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True Grit

What makes you unique? How will you be remembered? This week’s episode shines the spotlight on unsung heroes of positive attitude — men and women who refuse to let obstacles overcome them.

  • What’s SUP?

We had to know what’s SUP after receiving an email that read, “At 46 years old, I took a BOLD move, quit my 19+ year safe and secure job with the Florida Lottery and started living my dream.” That got our attention. We had to know more. We found a family living their dreams and helping others discover a new FUN way of exercising — at any age.

  • Eclectic Collector

Everybody likes to collect things, but what if those things get out of hand? What if they take over everything? Audrey Lentz has always had an eye for things that please her. From Howdy Doody to the present day, from pinball to pez, she has an amazing collection. But what sets her apart is, her home… her ENTIRE home is her display case!

  • True Grit

From the outside looking in, Tom Ross has it all — a high-powered job, Broadway plays in New York and downhill runs in Utah. From the inside looking out, the view is much different. When he came to a crossroads in life, he chose to start growing bolder.

Plus, Rowdy Gaines shares his insights from his (late) start in swimming in Growing Bolder With… and we feature the young Josh King, harmonica prodigy extraordinaire, in our How Are You Growing Bolder? segment.