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Second Acts

With all due respect to F. Scott Fitzgerald, these days, Americans are finding that there are second acts in life. With longer lifespans and a greater sense of independence, people are discovering the courage to start living their dreams, at any age.

For 40 years, Ida Bransford has been on the lookout for the depression glass that reminds her of her youth. In this Growing Bolder exclusive, we take you inside a home that many have heard about but few have actually seen.

Larry Roofner was a corporate executive, a move and shaker and a big-time success. And it nearly killed him. So he walked away from it all, and at 52, he reinvented himself. One door led to another, until the doors themselves changed his life.

He’s written music for NBC sports, artist Thomas Kinkade and for a 3-year-old victim of child abuse. Wayne Gratz’s music has been described as sonic soup for the soul. You’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of him before.

In the 1980s, he was one of the most feared pitchers in baseball and the best left-hander in the game. 20 years later, Frank “Sweet Music” Viola has moved from the mound to the dugout where he’s giving college players a little sweet music of their own.

In December 1997, the “weblog” was born. Within two years, it was better known as a blog – and today, more than 112 million blogs are posted on the Internet! Are you ready to share your stories online?

  • Cwillegal

    how do I get a dvd of Wayne Gretz’s piano music?

  • Barb Morris

    How can I get the dvd’s of Wayne Gratz?