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Run, Rock and Row

Get ready to find your passion. On this episode of the Growing Bolder TV Show, find out how a dragon boat, some bait fish, old clocks and a pair of running shoes are helping these people discover the secret to happiness and wellness.

Tom Bransford likes to hang out with some very old friends – some that date back to 753. He’s one of the last of a vanishing trade…a qualified clock repairman.

A group of breast cancer survivors and advocates take the idea of pulling together to a whole new level. They recently competed at the International Dragon Boat Festival and these big boats mean big fun and a big impact.

He’s no Forrest Gump, but he has been running, and running, and running some more! 1,000 days and more than 3,200 miles later, we got up early to tag along and see what keeps him moving.

Howard’s Bait and Tackle Shop stands as an unchanging landmark in an area surrounded by development. Its founder, Howard Allen, has passed away, but his son has agreed to carry on the business and keep his father’s legacy alive.

These days, getting great pictures is a snap – even after the camera is put away! Get simple steps for editing and sharing your favorite memories.

  • gloria benavidez

    I have a clock I need repaired! Tom Bransford if you can hear me or if you can read this, I need you! I have a clock my grandmother gave me and the pendalum fell off and then I opened it up from the back! I need some help! Please contact me or give me an avenue that I can reach you.

  • Gloria Mills

    How can we find Tom Bransford? I have an old small carridge clock that I consider a lovely thing. Years ago I took it to a man who claimed to be a clock repairman. After taking it apart, he told me he couldn’t repair it. He gave it back to me all unassembled explaining that the next guy would only have to take it all apart again. I need Tom to help me! Please tell me how I can find him. It would be a blessing to both me and my clock. Gloria Mills

  • Bishop304

    where can i find tom bransford’s address? antique clock repairers are a scarce commodity. Phone # and address would be greatly appreciated.