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Risk Takers

Are you afraid to take risks in life? On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, see how big and small risks in life can help you achieve happiness you never dreamed possible.

Tattoos are no longer taboo. They’ve gone mainstream in a big way and like just about everything else, the fastest-growing market segment is baby boomers. Come along as Andrea Kudlacz celebrates her 60th birthday.

Tiger Woods’ messy love life has spawned 1,000 jokes and late-night skits. And musician Golf Brooks knows a good punchline when he sees one, so he’s composed his own tribute to the fender bender heard ’round the world.

World War I was known as “The War To End All Wars.” It didn’t. As its veterans have died off, so has the memory of how costly a war it was. All in all, more than 70,000,000 people served in uniform, of which a staggering one-half were either killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Meet a brave man who put his life on hold and his country first.

What goes up must come down. That’s why you hesitate to try skydiving. But what if you could get a similar experience just a few feet off the floor? Step inside an indoor windtunnel where beginners and experts alike practice and experience freefall.

And if you love lists but can never remember where you put the darn things, see how technology is making the paper and pen obsolete.