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Passion for Living

On this week’s episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, see how the best triathlete in U.S. Olympic history is leaving a legacy for his family and others.

Hunter Kemper is the most decorated triathlete in US history and has his sights set on his 4th Olympics in 2012. But this time he’ll be competing for more than his country and himself. He reveals how the birth of his own child inspired him to make a difference in the lives of other children.

He owned three business and had over 70 employees, Frank Attwood couldn’t understand why he was miserable. It’s a story about finding purpose in life. We’ll introduce you to a man who reinvented himself by becoming America’s most famous inventor.

Jim Henson’s untimely departure from this world left a huge hole in our hearts that has yet to be filled. It’s because his work also had a soul. His characters, creations, TV shows and films all had common elements of … decency! There was an undercurrent of optimism, of empathy and encouragement that permeated nearly every project he worked on.

Do you want to be a real life treasure hunter? See how some new tech tools are making it fun and easy to go geocaching.

  • Carnor21c

    I just discovered your program on PBS; it is an incredible show! I was immediately inspired by the stories in this episode, especially Frank Attwood’s segment.