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Famous Footsteps

In this episode, we celebrate celebrity look-alikes, people who survived despite incredible odds, and prove that taking big chances can lead to big rewards.

Segments include:

  • Paul and McCartney and Me
    • A lot of people love the Beatles, but how many have ever performed as one? Or ever recorded at Abbey Road Studios? Or toured with the cast of Beatlemania. Perhaps the only person in the world who has done it all is John Babcock! It’s a love affair that began at age five when he was one of the millions who first saw the Fab Four on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Six Bullets to the Chest
    • James O’Connor was not standing at the proverbial crossroads. He was lying there. On a gurney. With six bullets in his chest. On what could have been his deathbed, James was overcome with a single thought, “We’re born to be alive, so we should live.” And so he did.
  • The Boomer Fountain of Youth
    • Remember when Biketoberfest was for the young and wild? It’s still pretty wild, but the average age will surprise you. More than 200,000 make the annual ride to Daytona Beach, Florida. They come to see the bikes, but often discover the bikers are far more interesting!
  • Wearing a Dream for All to See
    • Her life was fine the way it was, except for one thing — she had long dreamed of doing something else. So Diane Shelton gathered up the courage and took a huge chance, never realizing that by creating a whole new cultural clothing business she’d also be creating a new passion for life!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/greta242 Greta Picklesimer

    Okay, so how do I find more information about these people especially James O’Connor. Really enjoyed watching this episode today.

  • Icblury

    ditto only 2months later! why do you not have links to the people!??

  • http://GrowingBolder.com Growing Bolder

    Hi commenters!

    Thanks for the feedback, and we’re sorry you didn’t get the information you were looking for. If you want to watch the story again, we have it as a standalone link here: http://growingbolder.com/media/entertainment/arts/six-bullets-to-the-chest-636427.html

    The website that James mentioned in the piece is: http://www.extraincomeclassroom.com/.

    Hope this helps!

  • Nancy

    Where can I find this Extra Income Classroom website?   http://www.extraincomeclassroom.com takes me to ” Success Architects League” instead.   And I expected a link to James O’Connor’s website.  He is amazing, especially from an artists point of view.  Feeling very frustrated.