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Dream Chasers

On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, we introduce you to people who have the courage and guts to pursue their passions in life, even when others tell them it’s time to get a “real job.”

When it comes to golf, PGA pro Jay Golden should be a big success – but he’s not. His contribution to the game is even greater than Tiger Woods’…well, at least a lot more creative!

Harold Garde is in his 80s and has been painting for decades. But it’s only lately that he’s getting recognized for his talent. We take you inside Harold’s moment in the spotlight.

He has been in more than 20 sitcoms, in six feature films and had a four-year run on Broadway. One of the top improv comedians working today, Brian Bradley survived the excesses of showbiz with a clear view of his future.

Rita Brown has experienced all that life has to offer – from unbelievable triumph to unspeakable heartbreak. Growing Bolder is what this gymnastics icon is all about.

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