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Better Together

Bolder is best, right? And we’re boldest when we take chances together, support one another and believe in the power of community.

Segments in this episode include:

  • One Lap at a Time

Susan Helmrich is one of the best swimmers in the world in her age group. She’s also a three-time cancer survivor and a victim of one of the greatest drug tragedies in history. With luck, determination, great medical care, the support of family and friends and the benefits of the sport of swimming, Susan has fought to escape the deadly legacy of a supposed wonder drug turned nightmare.

  • Meet the Hornman!

Bill Nemoyten was a music educator for most of his life. So why would that change when he retired? Instead, he bought an RV, packed up his wife and his collection of 16 different types of horns and set out from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area on a never-ending mission to share his passion for horns with anyone who will listen. Now, he is known far and wide as… The Hornman!

  • One Class at a Time

Kay Mullally is not a typical student, but she does represent an entire generation of women who were told that college was not in the cards. After raising a family, Kay decided to take a step into the future — or, shall we say, onto a campus.

Plus, thoughts from Growing Bolder With… contributor Gary McKechnie on enjoying some of the unexpected journeys that can pop up when traveling, and we feature amateur rapper and professional Growing Bolder fan Kay in our How Are You Growing Bolder? segment!

  • http://cdl.jigsy.com/ Candy Adams

    Love your stories!

    This is a great story! Simply amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing this one with the world and me!