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A Beautiful View

Sometimes life is all about how you look at it — as something to cherish, or something to get through? All of the people in this episode are striving to meet new goals every day, and we think they’ll inspire you to change your own view.

  • Finding His Purpose Late in Life

Artist Robert Sutz is a messenger for beautiful people filled with horrific memories. Sutz, 82, is creating what he calls irrefutable evidence of one of the darkest chapters in human history — the Holocaust. He calls it proof for those who don’t believe and a painful reminder to those who might forget.

  • Life From the View of a Canoe

Rod Price was a successful businessman, but he wasn’t happy. Then he discovered his passion in the grueling endurance sport of Adventure Canoeing. Now, more than 200 wins later, he has rediscovered his zest for life, and at 51, he has never been happier.

  • The Crown Jewel

An unlikely corporate icon, Bruce Rossmeyer parlayed street smarts and a willingness to gamble into a major business empire. In a GB exclusive, we visited Rossmeyer shortly before his tragic death and found a man motivated not by money, but by fun.

Plus, thoughts from Growing Bolder With… contributor Rowdy Gaines, with advice on setting goals that you can actually reach, and we feature world traveler and birthday celebrator Jay Freeman in our How Are You Growing Bolder? segment!

  • Vdever

    This morning I happened across your show, watched till the end and fell in love.  I am 69 and there are times when I think, “is this all there is”?  The bolder person lives life and that is me.  Me being bolder is helping others “be their best”.  It is time to ramp it up.  Thanks for the show and your site.  I plan to tell my sister who just recently lost her husband.  This will help her.