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“Where Have You Been All My Life?”

image source: oscar.org

It was one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the 2012 Oscars — what Christopher Plummer said to the audience had a deep impact on our Executive Producer. What did you think?

Boomer Babes


What do you want to do with your life? It’s never too late to chart a new course — and as you’ll see in this episode, it can be by bike, by stroke or from stage to stage!

Redefining Lunch “Break”


I love my dogs. I really, really do. But due to some scheduling conflicts between me and my husband, I’m stuck running home after work to take care of them, and it’s put a crimp in my workout routine. Until today. See how I’m redefining my lunch “break.”

Find Your Fans


What inspires you to get out of bed and embrace each and every day for all it offers? It’s great to have an internal drive, but sometimes, you need a jumpstart. So be sure to check out the stories featured in this episode, from true celebrities to ordinary people inspiring thousands of people.

Head of the Pack


How are you making a difference? In this episode, we shine the light on people who have devoted their careers (or their free time!) toward helping people start Growing Bolder themselves.

Reinvention: What Does it Really Mean?


We’ve been talking a lot about the word REINVENTION around GB headquarters, because it seems to be a word that applies to so many parts of our lives. So we’d love to know — what does REINVENTION mean to you?

Little Miracles

Carolyn Moor 16x9

If you knew how long you’d live — would you change what you do today? Tomorrow? In this episode, we speak with people who have challenged stereotypes, overcome major obstacles and proven that when you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.