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Life at UCF: A Bold Bunch


If you were the manager of a TV station, and in charge of programming the news — what stories would you show? It’s a question we asked a packed house at the second-largest university in America.

One Day On Earth

On October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), thousands of filmmakers, students, and citizens documented life in every country on the planet in a single day. It’s a project that inspired Intern Kelsey and we think it will amaze you, too.

Social Media At Its Best. And Worst.

GB Intern Kelsey is a college student, and is surrounded by friends who love to text, post on Facebook, tweet and more. So why does she think social media is actually hurting us in many ways? Read on and share your opinion!

Tuskegee Airmen Lessons Learned

It’s incomprehensible today. Denied the right to fight for your country because of the color of your skin? This wasn’t back in ancient times. It was seven short decades ago.

Traveling Rarely Goes As Planned. Oslo Is No Exception.

When GB’s Intern Kelsey traveled to Norway for the summer vacation of her dreams, she didn’t expect to fall in love with Norway. But she did — despite some challenges at the start! So when Norway became the target for terror, Kelsey found herself with conflicting memories of the country she called home.

Growing Bolder® TV Expands Program Access to Viewers With Visual Impairment

Growing Bolder TV, produced by Bolder Broadcasting, Inc., proudly announces that it will offer DVI, or Descriptive Video Information, as a feature on all episodes of Season 3, distributed by American Public Television in January 2012.