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Resolve to Be Bolder in 2012


Need inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions? Coming up in Season 3 of Growing Bolder TV, we’re featuring some amazing men and women who resolve to be better and bolder every day. Here’s a preview.

Our Family Photo


This year, we were determined to take an official Growing Bolder staff photo to celebrate the holidays and beyond. How did we do?

Ho, Ho, Here Come the Holidays!


What are your holiday traditions? As the season (rapidly) approaches, our Executive Producer reflects on celebrations of years past and thinks of the future.

Fun and Funky


You’re never too old and it’s never too late to pursue your passion, whether that’s barefoot waterskiing, rocking it out on stage or righting a wrong.

Wrinkles: Love ‘Em? Hate ‘Em?


Can you be successful in Hollywood without going under the knife? One actress says she gets roles because of her silver hair and wrinkles…so we submit a list of other actresses that impress us with their attitude.

Beautiful Belgium


What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? Our Executive Producer makes a case for a city that surprised even her with its memorable sights, sounds and people!

Fun With Photos


We had a very busy 3 days of writing, shooting and editing some of the stories that will be featured in Season 3 of GOBO. So we loved being able to kick back with a fun photo shoot!

I Love Juicy

Juicer 030

Beets and kale and apples — oh my! Executive Producer Katy Widrick was so inspired by two of our stories that she ran out and made a big purchase. See what she’s concocting in the kitchen!

Happy Anniversary, Growing Bolder!


We hope you’ll indulge us as we pat ourselves on the backs on a pretty big accomplishment for this little team that could. September 3, 2011, marks our first anniversary of national distribution for Growing Bolder TV.

Life at UCF: A Bold Bunch


If you were the manager of a TV station, and in charge of programming the news — what stories would you show? It’s a question we asked a packed house at the second-largest university in America.

One Day On Earth

On October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), thousands of filmmakers, students, and citizens documented life in every country on the planet in a single day. It’s a project that inspired Intern Kelsey and we think it will amaze you, too.

Social Media At Its Best. And Worst.

GB Intern Kelsey is a college student, and is surrounded by friends who love to text, post on Facebook, tweet and more. So why does she think social media is actually hurting us in many ways? Read on and share your opinion!