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Sizzle Reel: Season 1

We’re proud to present our sizzle reel for the “Growing Bolder” TV Show, a groundbreaking program that showcases men and women who smash stereotypes. It’s a great look at some of the stories that are featured in the program, as well as a quick glimpse at the overall feel of the show.

60 Seconds of Inspiration

Growing Bolder Lifelong Learning Minutes are a series of high-quality, entertaining and informative stories in 60-second videos and audio clips showcasing men and women who are creative, active and engaged in midlife and beyond.

Mike Galloway: Bonus Music

On Season 1 of Growing Bolder, you met the Hoochie Coochie harmonica man, Mike Galloway. Now, for your listening pleasure, we’re bringing you exclusive Growing Bolder bonus footage of Mike covering Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt.”

Behind the Scenes: How Growing Bolder Started

Lights … cameras … what comes next? Action, of course, but on the set of The Growing Bolder TV Show, you can throw in attitude, adventure, and lots of fun. So what came first? Brainstorming and bloopers, and we’re sharing both in this Web exclusive.

Photo Editing

When you snap a picture — you freeze a moment in time. But what if that moment is blurry, or poorly lit? Take a look at our tips for basic photo editing and improve your shots today.

Blogging for Business (and Fun!)

One of the best ways to show off your personality — whether in business or at home — is through a blog. Blogs are some of the fastest-growing communication platforms, and it’s easy to get started!

Internet Radio

Love to listen to music or the news at home or work? The newest technology tools let you hand pick your tunes, and then go one better — they can actually predict songs or shows that you might like, then stream them live over the Internet or your mobile phone!

Future Trends

What’s ahead for technology, social networking and new tools? Take a look at our predictions for new trends, and suggestions for ways to jump in now!

Augmented Reality

It’s real life — only upgraded! See how the latest technology is taking what you see, hear and feel to the extreme. It’s called Augmented Reality and you may already be using it, without even realizing!


A funny name, but a serious tool. See how tools like Yelp! and other online review services are making it easier to find stores, restaurants and more, based on reviews and recaps from friends and followers.

Evernote & Ubernote

Taking notes with pen and paper? That’s so old school! See how technology, mobile applications and more are making it easier than ever to store notes, text, images and other media with the touch of a button.