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John Suscovich


When John Suscovich left the Howard Stern Show to become a full-time farmer in Connecticut, he found his Growing Bolder moment. He talks with Bill Shafer about the lessons he’s learned from taking the leap and why he says it’s the best thing he did.

Steve Mazan


Given a prognosis of just five years to live by his doctors, comedian Steve Mazan asked himself, “What do I really want to do?” Now in a documentary, “Dying to Do Letterman,” Mazan has exceeded both his doctor’s expectations and his wildest dreams.

Jacqueline Brito


Saying good bye to loved ones is never easy, but according to Jacqueline Brito, it is essential that we learn how to do this. After losing three close family members in less than a year, Jacqueline says we can learn to accept this transition in life.

Rich Roll


We all have the power to change at any given moment. It requires just one thing. What is that thing? Rich Roll, who lost 40 pounds and transformed himself into one of the planet’s fittest people, explains how changing his life saved his life.

Kid President


Growing Bolder’s Secily Wilson introduces us to Robby Novak, who is better known as the Kid President. Robby is an extraordinary 9-year-old on a mission to make the world less boring and more awesome, and he has a special message for you.

DeeDee Trotter


Growing Bolder is not about age — it’s about attitude. It’s about overcoming obstacles and emerging better, stronger and more empowered. That’s why we’re so inspired by U.S. Olympic track and field athlete DeeDee Trotter, who is setting her sights on another gold medal at the 2016 Games.

Rowdy Gaines


Three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines is the fastest 50+ swimmer who has ever lived and he says he is living proof that dreams come true.

Jay Boyar


Movie critic Jay Boyar’s reviews have appeared in the New York Daily News, the LA Times, the Washington Post and MSNBC and he says Hollywood seems to finally be embracing not only older actors, but those over 70 and 80, too. He says they’re not just getting small bits in small films, they’re commanding meaty roles in major motion pictures.

Shellane Demarest


Shellane Demarest is a certified fitness and nutrition expert, a personal trainer and an Army veteran who is on a mission to change lives. She explains why fitness doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Find out about functional fitness and how you can work out all day long, if you’re paying attention.

Dr. Susan Mitchell


Registered dietitian, nutrition expert and featured contributor Susan Mitchell, Ph.D., RD, FAND, offers two big suggestions for maintaining your muscle mass. She explains how the timing of your protein is just as important as how much you consume.

Tara Gidus


Registered dietitian and nutritionist Tara Gidus, aka the Diet Diva, says there are specific nutrients in some foods that can boost your mood and even alleviate depression. She suggests six foods, from savory to sweet, that can boost your mood every day.

Betsy Hughes


The key to getting healthy is making it a regular part of your lifestyle and to ease into it. That’s the advice of Betsy Hughes who, along with John, her husband of 30 years, owns the Track Shack, a Florida running institution.