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Growing Bolder With…Barbara Hannah Grufferman: Feeling Beautiful at Any Age


Turning 50 is not just about moving up in age — it’s a chance to change the way we look at aging on the whole! Barbara Hannah Grufferman, best-selling author, says we need to worry less about what others think about us and start making a difference in how we feel about ourselves: walking with confidence, embracing our style and showing that you can be beautiful at every age and every stage.

Growing Bolder With…Roger McGuinn: Never Stop What You Love


He’s been performing for decades, but Roger McGuinn says he’ll never stop! As long as he loves singing and songwriting, he’ll keep it up, and he has some pretty good role models. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and founder of the Byrds says he’s made what he loves his lifestyle, so it will never get old.

Growing Bolder With…Gary McKechnie: Go After Your Goals


When his mom passed away, travel writer Gary McKechnie felt like he was drifting — he didn’t know what he wanted to do or how to do it. When a friend pressed him for a to-do list, Gary found himself making excuses. So he stopped, and set out to go after his dreams: traveling and writing.

Growing Bolder With…Gary McKechnie: See the Sights


Do you put life on hold — sabotaging your plans before you can ever really start to make them? Travel expert Gary McKechnie says nothing, not a small budget or time crunch, should stop you from seeing the sights. Be creative and you’ll experience things you never could if you just sat at home.

Growing Bolder With…Dr. Dot Richardson: Find Your Coach


Do you have a support team around you? Dr. Dot Richardson says that if you want to succeed in anything, you need to tag along with someone who has figured out the formula first! You could say that it’s like tracking down the right coach.

Growing Bolder With…Dr. Dot Richardson: An Olympic Dream


It’s hard to believe that a young girl could be told her Olympic dreams would never come true — but after two medals, we think Dr. Dot Richardson had the last laugh! Richardson, a softball player, wanted to compete in the Games but had to wait until the sport was finally accepted.

Growing Bolder With…Dr. Dot Richardson: Paying It Forward


When she won two Olympic medals in the sport of softball, Dr. Dot Richardson vowed to take one of them around so that every child could wear it for a moment.

Growing Bolder With…Rowdy Gaines: Take Risks


It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Olympian Rowdy Gaines says at the beginning of his swimming career, he struggled with disqualifications because of a problem he had at the start. Rather than conform to everyone else, Rowdy was able to create a new type of start. It was so successful, now everyone does it!

Growing Bolder With…Rowdy Gaines: Peaks and Valleys


In life, we celebrate the good times — and often rue the bad. But Olympian Rowdy Gaines says that in his experience, the times that he has faced difficulty and defeat made him a better athlete and a better person.

Growing Bolder With…Rowdy Gaines: Self-Doubt


Do you doubt your own abilities? Olympian Rowdy Gaines say we all deal with doubts but some are better at overcoming them than others. So what makes the difference?