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Becoming a Viral Video Star

Going viral seems to be the new goal for some of the world’s pseudo-celebrities. Our Executive Producer thinks there’s room for these stars, as long as storytelling finds a way to stand out for others.

We’re Better When We TRI Together


Growing Bolder is more than a TV show — it’s a community. And our Executive Producer found out that it’s also an incredible way to connect with new friends. See how she smiled and sweat her way through a triathlon with one of GB’s favorite people.

Finding Your Happy Place

My grandparents have owned a large piece of property along the coast for years — and summer after summer, we traveled to visit them and to get a break from the chaos of everyday life. I dreaded those trips, and did everything I could to get out of them. And now, I’d give anything to go back to my happy place.

Smiling at Strangers

Having a big, wide smile can make all the difference when it comes to making new friends and connections. Recently, our Executive Producer found this to be true — and the power of a smile, combined with a passion for Growing Bolder, led her to meet two amazing new friends!

Pursuit of Passion


In this week’s episode, we shine the spotlight on people who are helping projects soar — whether it’s a tribute to planes or precious birds of prey. Plus, inspiring work from a man who refused to listen to the word “no.”

Giving Back, Getting Love

Joe Lee Boys and Girls Club 004

We have a few guidelines that we consider when deciding which stories to cover for Growing Bolder — after all, so many people are doing great things, but what makes them inspirational? Unique? Compelling? Three words stand out: Making a Difference. And thanks to the work of some very special people, we’re inspired to keep at it every single day.

Key West is Growing Bolder

Key West sunset

The southernmost point in the continental United States attracts people pursuing their passions and Growing Bolder in their own lives. Our Director of Online Media just got back from the Conch Republic and brought back more than just a few souvenirs.

Don’t Stop Believing


In this week’s episode, we go in the kitchen with a woman who is passionate about faith, food and famiglia. Plus, don’t ever stop believing that you can do whatever you want — even join a college marching band!

Florida Hospital Partners With Growing Bolder


Florida Hospital and Bolder Broadcasting, Inc., which produces the television broadcast Growing Bolder, recently announced a partnership that will allow both companies to grow in new ways. The show focuses on the celebration of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, as well as inspirational tools to promote living a long and healthy life.

Best Summer Job Ever

During the summer, there are a few things that can instantly transport me back to my years as a summer camp counselor. It was the best gig I ever had, and some of the best memories of my life. But I’m not sure I’d want to have that job today, and here’s why.

Bull Bloopers

You know the saying about never performing with animals or kids? Well, we are willing to break rules when it comes to producing and sharing great stories, so we took on the challenge — not only climbing on the back of a bull but also running from an angry goose and his very small but mighty bodyguard.

Dreams Never Die

In this episode, we salute women who are creating calendars for a cause. Plus, meet a man who never gave up on his college baseball dreams, and a true artist who has transformed after horrifying tragedy.