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Fun With Photos


We had a very busy 3 days of writing, shooting and editing some of the stories that will be featured in Season 3 of GOBO. So we loved being able to kick back with a fun photo shoot!

“The Mission is Remission”

The news shocked us all — “Pat Williams Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma.” In fact, when NBA.com published the breaking news, our Web developer saw it and sent it around via urgent email around 11pm.


Brand new for Season 2 — meet the Growing Bolder contributors! Two Olympians and an NBA executive share their tips for Growing Bolder, through sports, business and more.

Wendy Chioji

Wendy Chioji joins the Growing Bolder team for Season 2, bringing a background in journalism and competitive sports to the set.

10 Fun Facts About Growing Bolder

There’s not a whole lot we keep secret at Growing Bolder. In fact, we have taken you inside our office, shown you how we started our show, let you in on our embarrassing outtakes and much more. Here are 10 things you may not know about our team!

Life Lessons From Coach Bill Shafer

Growing Bolder host Bill Shafer spends his days guiding the GB team and his nights and weekends molding lives on his son’s youth hockey team. We followed Coach Bill and his team as they battled for a spot in their league’s championship and discovered what they learned off the ice may be more important than any final score at the rink.

One-on-One With Host Marc Middleton

What is Growing Bolder? And why is what we do so important? Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton opens up about the power of believing that it’s never too late to smash some stereotypes and kick a little butt.

Katy Widrick

Katy Widrick is the Executive Producer for Bolder Media Group and the “Growing Bolder” TV and Radio shows. In addition to overseeing production and broadcast of each episode, Katy heads up the social media efforts for Growing Bolder.

Jason Morrow

Jason Morrow is the Video Production Director and Chief Videographer for the “Growing Bolder” TV and Radio shows. His photojournalism work has been recognized with two Emmy Awards, five Emmy nominations, five National Press Photographer Awards and he contributed to a Peabody and a duPont-Columbia Award.

Bill Shafer

Currently hosting “Growing Bolder” TV and Radio, Bill is passionate about sharing the stories of athletes, musicians, business leaders and more — anyone who smashes the stereotypes of what it means to be 50!

Marc Middleton

Marc is an award-winning reporter whose work has been recognized with two Emmys, five Emmy nominations, the Dupont Award for Excellence in Journalism, AP Sportscaster of the Year and two UPI Sportscaster of the Year awards.