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GB Goes to College

Picture 6

Hey, we’re all about lifelong learning, having big dreams, going after your goals — no matter how long it takes you to achieve them — and celebrating people who prove it’s never too late. So guess what? Growing Bolder is going back to college! (Sort of.)

Fun With Photos


We had a very busy 3 days of writing, shooting and editing some of the stories that will be featured in Season 3 of GOBO. So we loved being able to kick back with a fun photo shoot!

I Love Juicy

Juicer 030

Beets and kale and apples — oh my! Executive Producer Katy Widrick was so inspired by two of our stories that she ran out and made a big purchase. See what she’s concocting in the kitchen!

Happy Anniversary, Growing Bolder!


We hope you’ll indulge us as we pat ourselves on the backs on a pretty big accomplishment for this little team that could. September 3, 2011, marks our first anniversary of national distribution for Growing Bolder TV.

Life at UCF: A Bold Bunch


If you were the manager of a TV station, and in charge of programming the news — what stories would you show? It’s a question we asked a packed house at the second-largest university in America.

Growing Bolder® TV Expands Program Access to Viewers With Visual Impairment

Growing Bolder TV, produced by Bolder Broadcasting, Inc., proudly announces that it will offer DVI, or Descriptive Video Information, as a feature on all episodes of Season 3, distributed by American Public Television in January 2012.

Giving Back, Getting Love

Joe Lee Boys and Girls Club 004

We have a few guidelines that we consider when deciding which stories to cover for Growing Bolder — after all, so many people are doing great things, but what makes them inspirational? Unique? Compelling? Three words stand out: Making a Difference. And thanks to the work of some very special people, we’re inspired to keep at it every single day.

Florida Hospital Partners With Growing Bolder


Florida Hospital and Bolder Broadcasting, Inc., which produces the television broadcast Growing Bolder, recently announced a partnership that will allow both companies to grow in new ways. The show focuses on the celebration of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, as well as inspirational tools to promote living a long and healthy life.

Astronauts are Growing Bolder

“Never give up on your dreams.” It’s not only true for us here at Growing Bolder — it’s true for some of the heroes of the space program, as our Executive Producer found out in a VIP all-access event at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Sizzle Reel: Season 2

Season 1 of Growing Bolder TV was a smashing success and Season 2 has just debuted! It’s airing on hundreds of public television stations across the country and includes some exciting new features. Watch the sizzle reel and read on for more details about what is all new for Season 2.

The Future of GB: Strong and Sustainable

We’ve had several Growing Bolder viewers contact us, worried about the future of our show in the aftermath of WMFE in Orlando announcing that it is selling its TV station to concentrate on radio. We understand and appreciate the concern; however, WMFE’s announcement will have little impact on our show.

“The Mission is Remission”

The news shocked us all — “Pat Williams Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma.” In fact, when NBA.com published the breaking news, our Web developer saw it and sent it around via urgent email around 11pm.