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Leading the Way

We take a look at those who are Growing Bolder through: Overcoming Obstacles, Pursuing Passions, Staying Active, Making a Difference and Breaking Barriers.

Never Too Late

In this episode, meet people who fight a deadly disease not only with medicine but with sneakers and finish lines. Plus, see how men and women all over the world are finding fame with their faces and inspiring the rest of us to follow our dreams.

Dream Chasers

On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, we introduce you to people who have the courage and guts to pursue their passions in life, even when others tell them it’s time to get a “real job.”

Get Rowdy

On this episode of the Growing Bolder TV Show, you’ll dive into life with an Olympian who is the master of much more than the pool. Plus, she shed the pounds and got inspired to help others and meet a mayor with one foot in the old world and the other in new technology.

Run, Rock and Row

Get ready to find your passion. On this episode of the Growing Bolder TV Show, find out how a dragon boat, some bait fish, old clocks and a pair of running shoes are helping these people discover the secret to happiness and wellness.

Second Acts

With all due respect to F. Scott Fitzgerald, these days, Americans are finding that there are second acts in life. With longer lifespans and a greater sense of independence, people are discovering the courage to start living their dreams, at any age.

Make a Difference

Whether it’s raising big money for a good cause, or risking your life in the name of freedom or just simply making your own mind and body healthier, these people will teach you how to make a difference in the world today.

Never Give Up

On this episode, meet a man who proves it’s NEVER too late to stitch together a dream. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a man whose 40 years of experience in news has resulted in some of the most breathtaking space photos in history and an Olympic hero provides insight on one of the fastest-growing sports for 50+.

American Spirit

In this episode, an Olympic champion proves age really is just a number, and an American hero remembers a day that not only changed history, it changed his future. Plus, we pay tribute to some under-appreciated instruments, and a self-taught artist discovers his inner Picasso.

Passion for Living

On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, see how the best triathlete in U.S. Olympic history is leaving a legacy for his family and others.

Dreams Come True

From caviar dreams to the fantasy world of video games, this week’s Growing Bolder TV Show proves dreams do come true.

Risk Takers

Are you afraid to take risks in life? On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, see how big and small risks in life can help you achieve happiness you never dreamed possible.