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Take Second Chances


In this episode, we honor those who never give up, despite setbacks and obstacles. How are you Growing Bolder? Learn from these role models and start your own adventure today.

Gospel of Good


How are you making a difference? Following your dreams, or taking a stand against aging stereotypes? Donating money or proving that it’s never too late? In this week’s episode, meet the Gospels of Good.

True Grit


What makes you unique? How will you be remembered? This week’s episode shines the spotlight on unsung heroes of positive attitude — men and women who refuse to let obstacles overcome them.

On a Mission


In this episode of Growing Bolder, we take a look at people who are making a difference in the world, by inspiring others, serving as role models and proving it’s never too late to impact others’ lives.

Head of the Pack


How are you making a difference? In this episode, we shine the light on people who have devoted their careers (or their free time!) toward helping people start Growing Bolder themselves.

Still Having Fun

Siphiwe 16x9

What’s your story? Whether you’re inspired by music, art, sports or something else, we think you’re Growing Bolder. So we’re shining the spotlight on people who are proving it’s not about age; it’s about attitude.

Pursuit of Passion


In this week’s episode, we shine the spotlight on people who are helping projects soar — whether it’s a tribute to planes or precious birds of prey. Plus, inspiring work from a man who refused to listen to the word “no.”

Don’t Stop Believing


In this week’s episode, we go in the kitchen with a woman who is passionate about faith, food and famiglia. Plus, don’t ever stop believing that you can do whatever you want — even join a college marching band!

Dreams Never Die

In this episode, we salute women who are creating calendars for a cause. Plus, meet a man who never gave up on his college baseball dreams, and a true artist who has transformed after horrifying tragedy.

Small Actions; Big Impact

In this week’s episode, who needs wireless? We take a look at some high-flying wired art, plus celebrate the cycling community rallying around a great cause and teach you how to be the maestro of your own mind.

Unforgettable and Inspirational

In this episode, we explore beauty in the odd; and odd people who make the world more beautiful. Plus, a Tour de France cycling star makes a business out of taking new riders under his wing.

Living in Harmony

In this episode, we explore exquisite creativity, magic through music and the power of a little horse to make a big difference.