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Take Second Chances


In this episode, we honor those who never give up, despite setbacks and obstacles. How are you Growing Bolder? Learn from these role models and start your own adventure today.

Boomer Babes


What do you want to do with your life? It’s never too late to chart a new course — and as you’ll see in this episode, it can be by bike, by stroke or from stage to stage!

A Beautiful View

Canoe 16x9

Sometimes life is all about how you look at it — as something to cherish, or something to get through? All of the people in this episode are striving to meet new goals every day, and we think they’ll inspire you to change your own view.

Making Memories


In this episode, we take a closer look at one of the nation’s most beloved artists — and the people that inspired him! Plus, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn takes us inside the Folk Den and we meet a woman who proves that style has no age limits.

No Limits

In this episode, we share the story of a war hero who says everyone can learn from the lessons on the battlefield. Plus, Marc and his swim team set a world record, we have a ball at a very special event and we feature triathlete Tony Handler.

Quiet Confidence

In this episode of Growing Bolder, we prove that beauty is both skin AND body deep at any age. Plus, paying tribute to an aviation hero and tracing family roots — what will you ´╗┐find?´╗┐

Unforgettable and Inspirational

In this episode, we explore beauty in the odd; and odd people who make the world more beautiful. Plus, a Tour de France cycling star makes a business out of taking new riders under his wing.

Living in Harmony

In this episode, we explore exquisite creativity, magic through music and the power of a little horse to make a big difference.

Leading the Way

We take a look at those who are Growing Bolder through: Overcoming Obstacles, Pursuing Passions, Staying Active, Making a Difference and Breaking Barriers.

Never Too Late

In this episode, meet people who fight a deadly disease not only with medicine but with sneakers and finish lines. Plus, see how men and women all over the world are finding fame with their faces and inspiring the rest of us to follow our dreams.

Dream Chasers

On this episode of The Growing Bolder TV Show, we introduce you to people who have the courage and guts to pursue their passions in life, even when others tell them it’s time to get a “real job.”

Get Rowdy

On this episode of the Growing Bolder TV Show, you’ll dive into life with an Olympian who is the master of much more than the pool. Plus, she shed the pounds and got inspired to help others and meet a mayor with one foot in the old world and the other in new technology.