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Joanie Schirm


Are you into genealogy? Lately, the number of people digging into their family trees has been skyrocketing, especially among Boomers. Curiosity coupled with the Internet equals the most powerful research tool the world has ever seen.

Patricia Charpentier


In previous generations, it wasn’t that unusual for families to keep a written record of almost everything, including special dates and events. Writer Patricia Charpentier says it’s time for all of us to start doing that again.

HP Split X 2


The HP Split X 2 is all about the power of two. It has a two in one design to combine power and portability AND it lets you switch between a high-performance notebook and the portability of a detachable tablet.

Dr. Robert Masson


World-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Masson says no matter how well he does his job, the results will not be what they can be if the patient doesn’t do his or her job. Find out what crucial role patients play in their own extreme recoveries.

Annetta Wilson


Over the past few years, many of us have been forced to reinvent, change careers or go in a different direction than we ever expected. Presentation expert Annetta Wilson now is the time to learn a very important skill — bragging about yourself.

Gary McKechnie


The next time you’re planning a vacation and you want to see something different, forget about the highways. You need to hit the back roads of America, and if you can do it on a motorcycle, even better.

Gary McKechnie is one of America’s top travel writers and he wants you to start relaxing when it comes to your vacation plans.

Take Second Chances


In this episode, we honor those who never give up, despite setbacks and obstacles. How are you Growing Bolder? Learn from these role models and start your own adventure today.

Born to Dance


In this week’s episode, we show you how men and women are leaping, twirling and inventing their way into happy lives. See why it’s truly never too late to change your direction and start Growing Bolder.

Gospel of Good


How are you making a difference? Following your dreams, or taking a stand against aging stereotypes? Donating money or proving that it’s never too late? In this week’s episode, meet the Gospels of Good.

True Grit


What makes you unique? How will you be remembered? This week’s episode shines the spotlight on unsung heroes of positive attitude — men and women who refuse to let obstacles overcome them.

On a Mission


In this episode of Growing Bolder, we take a look at people who are making a difference in the world, by inspiring others, serving as role models and proving it’s never too late to impact others’ lives.

Boomer Babes


What do you want to do with your life? It’s never too late to chart a new course — and as you’ll see in this episode, it can be by bike, by stroke or from stage to stage!