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The Field of Dreams


When the baseball season kicks off for 2012, a special pitcher will be taking the mound. But he’s not the only athlete proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams and kick a little butt.

A New Appreciation for Work


Life presents challenges — for all of us. Growing Bolder is about overcoming them and learning from every experience. And it looks like the economic downtime has provided another reason to (surprise!) be appreciative.

How to Live to 100


What are the secrets to living to a Healthy 100? Check out some of the new insights in Bolder Press’ brand new book, and get a look back at our Executive Producer’s role model for active lifestyle.

“Where Have You Been All My Life?”

image source: oscar.org

It was one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the 2012 Oscars — what Christopher Plummer said to the audience had a deep impact on our Executive Producer. What did you think?

Redefining Lunch “Break”


I love my dogs. I really, really do. But due to some scheduling conflicts between me and my husband, I’m stuck running home after work to take care of them, and it’s put a crimp in my workout routine. Until today. See how I’m redefining my lunch “break.”

Reinvention: What Does it Really Mean?


We’ve been talking a lot about the word REINVENTION around GB headquarters, because it seems to be a word that applies to so many parts of our lives. So we’d love to know — what does REINVENTION mean to you?

And the Award Goes To…


Growing Bolder could produce a pretty amazing awards show of our own. We have a great cast of characters (only their stories are real) and plenty of drama and comedy to fill a few spots! So, here are our nominees.

GB Goes to College

Picture 6

Hey, we’re all about lifelong learning, having big dreams, going after your goals — no matter how long it takes you to achieve them — and celebrating people who prove it’s never too late. So guess what? Growing Bolder is going back to college! (Sort of.)

Resolve to Be Bolder in 2012


Need inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions? Coming up in Season 3 of Growing Bolder TV, we’re featuring some amazing men and women who resolve to be better and bolder every day. Here’s a preview.

Our Family Photo


This year, we were determined to take an official Growing Bolder staff photo to celebrate the holidays and beyond. How did we do?

Ho, Ho, Here Come the Holidays!


What are your holiday traditions? As the season (rapidly) approaches, our Executive Producer reflects on celebrations of years past and thinks of the future.

Wrinkles: Love ‘Em? Hate ‘Em?


Can you be successful in Hollywood without going under the knife? One actress says she gets roles because of her silver hair and wrinkles…so we submit a list of other actresses that impress us with their attitude.