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Resolve to Be Bolder in 2012

Admit it. Whether you believe in them or not, you’re making a few resolutions for 2012, right? It’s hard not to, when you have that blank calendar with so much room and time for improving your life.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, we have it! Coming up in Season 3 of Growing Bolder TV, we’re featuring some amazing men and women who resolve to be better and bolder every day.

Here’s a preview:

Episode 306

Make a Difference: From Mission Trips to Mission Statements

More and more Americans are taking a page from Paul Newman’s book and starting a social enterprise — a business you love as a means to helping others. After many mission trips, Jane Hursh felt obligated to share the blessings of her life. So she turned to a lifelong love — baking cookies. Now with her shortbread, biscotti and granola, Jane is using something sweet to change bitter circumstances.

Episode 310

Get Fit: What’s SUP?

We had to know what’s SUP after receiving an email that read, “Att 46 years old, I took a BOLD move, quit my 19+ year safe and secure job with the Florida Lottery and started living my dream.” That got our attention. We had to know more. We found a family living their dreams and helping others discover a new FUN way of exercising — at any age.

Episode 313

Pay it Forward: He Made Oprah’s Famous Face

His life was one of abuse and rejection. The more he suffered, the stronger his resolve. No one believed in him, until a chance meeting with a fledgling talk show host changed everything. Now, after 20 years as Oprah Winfrey’s personal makeup artist, Reggie Wells is set to soar.

Episode 313

Quit Bad Habits: Second Chance at Life

At age 68, Larry Pontius had a life expectancy counted in single-digit days. Even the smallest things reminded him of his own mortality — commercials for a football season he might never see; pictures of places he might never get to visit. Then came a life-changing call.

So what’s your resolution?