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Life at UCF: A Bold Bunch

Marc and Bill are known all over the country thanks to Growing Bolder TV and Growing Bolder Radio. And we absolutely love hearing from all of you that Growing Bolder has changed your life, or made you think about what aging means to you, or has inspired you to make a difference.

We always say that we’re not doing any of this for the glory, the recognition or the kind words. We’re doing it because we’re passionate and motivated by the ordinary people doing extraordinary things in every city of America. And we love shining the spotlight on others.

That’s why we really enjoyed speaking with a packed room of people at a recent Life at UCF meeting, on the campus of the nation’s second-largest university.

I wanted to try and capture just a snippet of what it’s like to be in the audience when Bill and Marc take the podium so I grabbed a camera and shot this video (apologies to our fabulous Director of Production Jason Morrow, who was on another shoot that day — can you tell I’m better at writing than shooting?):

The presentation focused on our decision to leave traditional television programming — the crime and grime — and focus on positive, uplifting stories of people and places that are truly inspirational. And the audience seemed to get it … I saw a lot of heads nodding and smiles.

Now I’d love to know — what do you think of TV news these days? How often do you watch, and what do you like/not like? If you were the manager of a newsroom, what kinds of stories would you choose to run?

  • Bobbe Lyon

    There’s not much real news reporting electronically.  I prefer print media.  What passes for news is
    really opinion, erroneous and slanted at that.  I watch one news show, Diane Sawyer on ABC.  I feel
    that the way she delivers the news is unbiased and the content, for the most part, can be verified.