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Just “Checking In”

I recently attended a very cool social networking and social media conference, during which we talked about emerging technologies, and how people from various industries are using the latest tools to find new friends, work with customers and more.

If you’re a Growing Bolder TV Tech Minute fan (plug plug plug), you know I’m pretty fascinated with Location Based Check-ins:

And as someone who loves beta testing the latest tools, I tend to download and jump into whatever new platform or application catches my eye.

image credit: http://justicemitchell.com

I’ve started checking in from Growing Bolder events, shoots and more – and also at special conferences or group get-togethers, to see who else is in the room.

And the rest of the GB team is doing the same!

In Season 2 of GBTV, I’ll be doing a new Tech Minute segment on checking in and finding deals with local businesses – and to whet your appetite, here are some links and news that I found particularly interesting when it comes to checking in:

My favorites? Just a personal opinion, but I like Facebook Places, Foursquare and SCVGNR. Plus, I’ve started to play with apps like GetGlue and Yelp to share experiences (what I’m watching, where I’m eating, etc.) rather than locations.

Your turn – do you check in, or do you think it’s a silly trend?