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Ho, Ho, Here Come the Holidays!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone (anyone else still stuffed?) and now comes the seems-like-it-will-be-here-in-just-moments Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations.

I’ve been dragging my feet on putting up decorations. We live in Florida, so the weather seems too warm, the palm trees too tropical, for these December traditions to feel real. But unless I have a tree, some tinsel, stockings hung by the fireplace pool deck with care, I will never get in the spirit, so this week, I’m digging out all of my goodies and putting them on display.

And when I do, I’ll look back at celebrations of yore. The year my parents wrapped a $100 bill (big money for a 13-year-old!) in box after box, like one of those Russian nesting doll sets. Or the year that my brother and I got to hang out with Santa together.

I think of the rules my mom always enforced — stockings for ravaging immediately after waking up, but no presents until after breakfast.

I look back fondly at some of the memories my husband and I have started to make — our pink feather Christmas tree, for instance, or our annual walk through the neighborhood to look at decorations and light displays.

And I realize that for me, the holidays will always be about reflecting on how blessed I am…I have a job I love, a home, a family that supports my every move, friends that inspire me and hobbies that make me feel great.

I know that not everyone can say that this year, and my heart breaks a little when I think of what they’re going through.

So the best I can say is — from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy holiday season.

What are some of your traditions?

  • Kymberlyfunfit

    Stockings first, always! And the stocking gifts must be wrapped imperfectly, just like dad always did it..

  • Lynna Henderson

    Growing up, my great aunts and paternal grandparents would come over for Christmas breakfast and present opening.  We were only allowed to open stockings before they arrived (that’s why that got passed along to you!), then we had to eat, THEN the adventures began.  There were four of us girls and we opened one at a time.

  • Sunie Levin

    28 Million Americans are living in mixed religion households many with blended families. So sharing interfaith traditions involves teaching the children to enjoy and respect the different cultures by sharing songs, food and stories. Grandparents can help create a variety of new traditions to share with their grandchildren.  Baking cookies for Christmas and Hanukah can be a tradition to enjoy.

    Sunie Levin

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  • Pam

    Happy holidays to you too Katy and thanks for giving a mention to those who might not be looking forward to the holidays. Some of us are thinking of breaking with the traditions this year and starting one or two new ones that will not remind us of those we have recently lost. Starting new traditions can be just as important as the old ones if you are trying to build a new life.