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Fun With Photos

I fancy myself an amateur photographer — I have a fancy camera with a lot of bells and whistles, and slowly but surely, I’m learning what they all do.

Luckily, GB doesn’t count on me for important shoots. We call in the professionals for that — Roberto Gonzalez.

But while he shot our fine-looking on air crew, I snapped some pictures of the shoot itself. Roberto even got a fun shot of me in action.

So what did I spy with my little eye? All of the photos below are from me and are not professional shots.

We’re very serious about our work, and our craft. But when it comes to being together, we really do enjoy each other’s company, and I think that’s reflected in the pictures!

(Oh, and a quick plug…we’ll be debuting new episodes of Growing Bolder in January, but if you can’t wait — check local listings for current episodes!)

  • Celeste

    I think you guys are great and this program shows people wining at the game of life. It is great portray of what “matured adults” enjoying and doing great things at their prime of their life. I agree with you that we are like wine the older we get the better we get. It’s about time there is a program that shows “young” people that “we” are very much alive and kicking and that this world is not just about being young. Thank you so much for your show and keep up the good work. God bless you.