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Bull Bloopers

You know the old saying about never performing with animals or kids?

Well, we are willing to break rules when it comes to producing and sharing great stories, so we took on the challenge — not only climbing on the back of a bull but also running from an angry goose and his very small but mighty bodyguard.

Confused? Let’s back up a bit.

Lyle and Curt Brown are brothers who retired from the rodeo but never lost their love for bull riding. In their 60s, the Brown brothers say they still dream about what they call their “glory days” and they still think they can compete with the best in the world.

But instead of taking their talents to the ring, the Browns travel the country, riding their bulls to events, competitions and parades. Sure, it’s dangerous, but these guys say they it’s all worth it to keep pursuing their passions and introduce these gentle giants to awestruck crowds.

The story makes for great video, so you should check out the story we call Growing “Bull”der here.

But then come back. Because the fun doesn’t end there.

You saw a sneak peak of Marc’s on-bull camera work in that story. But what you didn’t see were the hysterical outtakes from that shoot. Luckily, we always keep the camera rolling, so I’m thrilled to take you behind the scenes for “Bull Bloopers.” (embedded below or available here)

  • Kay Castle – Brinker

    I LOVE watching a grown man jump when a goose comes after him. Marc, I think you have re-defined what it means to be “goosed.” I can’t quit smiling…no, actually laughing. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Garyzoosd

    i have all ways wanted to ride a pet bull, people say it is impossabul.(no pun intended) i have bein handeling bulls my whole life but am unsure as to geting on.i do ride horse alot, but the bull is differant. may be i will get boulder like you! ha. have fun. god bless, and allways live to the max!