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And the Award Goes To…

I know lots of people (maybe many of you!) live for awards season. The fashion, the awards, the gossip…

But I don’t see many movies or watch many TV shows, so I usually just keep a casual eye on the the big events and parties — enough for some good watercooler talk, you know!

It strikes me, though, that Growing Bolder could produce a pretty amazing awards show of our own. We have a great cast of characters (only their stories are real) and plenty of drama and comedy to fill a few spots!

So, here are my nominees.

Most Inspirational Character

Challenges are nothing new to Martha Carswell — she’s a former pro basketball player and finished Ironman Kona. But when her bike was hit head on by a van, it shattered more than her body. See how she’s still learning to live again.

Joe Johnston may be one of the greatest masters pole vaulters of all-time and this may be one of the greatest masters track stories of all-time. Where else are you going to be amazed, have a laugh and learn the secret to life?

We love to tell the stories of cancer survivors, people who stare death in the face, beat it, then go on to live rich, fulfilling lives. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Meet a woman who died trying to get access to a life-saving vaccine.

Just a few years ago, Roderick Sewell was a homeless teenager with no legs who was failing school. Today, he’s a world-class athlete, attends college and he’s set his sights on a big goal — making the Paralympics team.

Most Improved Lifestyle

Forget the cake — drop and give us 20! Or, if you’re like Gary Sain, drop and give us 1,200. We’re not crazy and neither is he, although this is quite the inSAIN challenge. Are you up for it?

Jim Shaffer was never athletic, but at the age of 54, he decided to stop smoking and start working out. Something totally unexpected happened — he liked it! How much? Well, now, at the age of 75, he is stronger and healthier than ever.

Best Performance by a Musician or Group

Are you anxious, willing and ready to follow your passion but not quite sure how to find it? In many cases the root of all passions can be traced back to one place — childhood. See how one woman rediscovered the dreams of her youth.

After 30 years and 20 million albums The B-52s are still flying high. The bombastic Fred Schneider helped take them there with mega-hits like “Love Shack.” His creative juices are still churning in his latest, way over-the-top project, The Superions.

More than 30 years after he shot to superstardom, Rick Springfield retains a nearly mesmerizing hold on legions of fans. Two of those fans were inspired by Rick himself to convince him to reveal and explain this phenomenon in a documentary.

Meet the Bats, a popular Kentucky group that likes to rock but not on chairs. They prefer to rock the stage. This group of 50-somethings regularly sells out its gigs and always leaves the audience laughing.

Most Entertaining

How do you become a YouTube viral sensation at the age of 68? You tell a really good story. Jeanne Robertson and her growing legion of fans prove that people over 50 are embracing the Internet and leveraging social media in rapidly growing numbers.

From a conch to a tuba, Bill Nemoyten plays them all. See how this pied piper uses his unique collection to delight audiences and spread his passion for music to all who will listen!

Best Costume

Like millions, Quin Bommelje is a big fan of the dance competition shows on TV. She convinced her husband to sign up for lessons with her, but now, the woman who couldn’t dance, is waltzing her way to the winner’s circle in top competitions.

We had to know what’s SUP after receiving an email that read, “In July 2010, at 46 years old, I took a BOLD move, quit my 19+ year safe and secure job with the Florida Lottery and started living my dream.” That got our attention. We had to know more.