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10 Fun Facts About Growing Bolder

There’s not a whole lot we keep secret at Growing Bolder. In fact, we have taken you inside our office (“The GB Wall of Fame“), shown you how we started our show (“GBTV Unplugged“), let you in on our embarrassing outtakes (“Bull Bloopers“) and much more.

But here are 10 things you may not know about us and our team.

1. We’re all huge animal lovers. But Jason, our Director of Production, may be the biggest. He and his wife are advocates for animal welfare and they own four dogs and often foster more.

2. Bill loves watching silent movies. He’s also a master of impersonations!

3. Marc and Katy are swimmers (Marc even holds a U.S. Masters record!). They’ve both completed Lucky’s Lake Swim and have the patches to prove it.

4. We are the kings (and queens!) of making a lot out of a little. For example — instead of buying an expensive underwater camera, we spent $20 and created our own out of an aquarium.

5. Jackie and Katy both went to Syracuse University, and majored in Broadcast Journalism. They were even on campus at the same time, but never met!

6. We all use Macs except two people — Jason and Josh.

7. We all worked together at WESH (NBC) before starting Growing Bolder, except for the developers. They have heard so many stories about the TV newsroom, though, that they probably could put it on their resumes.

8. Jason used to be a dance club DJ. His favorite track to spin? “Blue Monday” by New Order.

9. We celebrate all birthdays with cake and signing. Except for Katy’s. With her, we celebrate with oatmeal (she’s kind of a health nut).

10. We are passionate about our work, and feel honored and humbled every day that we get to say we’re Growing Bolder.

OK, so that last one probably isn’t too much of a surprise. But it’s the truth!

Your turn: what’s a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

  • Kdizne

    I used to watch WESH when everybody worked there :D

  • http://www.boomerradioshow.com Terri Benincasa

    Do you ever tape shows in the Tampa area?

  • Anne

    Nice fun facts about a great team! some of your staff look like they are growing bolder before they grow older …

  • Mclaypool

    Just learned about this site and think it will be most helpful. I’m open to suggestions as I grow older by myself. Life is great and make the best I can as have lekumia and back problems. But you can always look and see someone worse off.

  • cyn

    I an amazed that I am so happy at my age…59…I don’t fell old just better…..

  • Marilynn Milligan

    The year I turned 65 I went on my first houseboat trip with Elderhostel on Lake Powell.  Six months later I began “working” with them driving a 54 foot houseboat.  In the spring and fall over the next 2+ years I joined a team showing people the lower part of the Lake during 5 day trips.  I did over a dozen of these trips.  Often I was the only woman driver and the smallest as well.  It was exciting, fun and gave me new confidence.  Bold?  You bet!  I’m still amazed that I did it.